Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pre-Op Melt Down

PLEASE tell me that there are other people who freaked out at the thought of a pre-op diet?  I don't know if I missed this somewhere in my materials or if I elected not to remember it, but the closer it gets to Monday and the start of shakes and clear liquids, the more I am panicking.  I know that I have to remember that I chose this, that I am the one asking for this.  I was mentally set for the shakes AFTER not before.  The receptionist at my dr's office was great in going over the process, what you can and cannot eat, and giving tips on ways to "mix things up"  (the Chocolate Peanut Butter sounds AwEsOmE).

I have been successful on shake diets before...does anyone remember Dynaslim?  I lost a ton of weight in the 90's with that.  BUT, and it's a big but, there was always that "option" of cheating.  I always knew, somewhere in my mind, that if I had a really bad day or was really frustrated that I could turn to food for just one night, one meal, one over-sized serving of ice cream to settle myself and then start fresh in the morning.  I can't now.  I know how important it is to do this diet for my liver and a successful surgery, about how it will "re-train" my body and brain for the strict diet that is to follow in the weeks ahead.

So, I will just call a spade a spade:

I am just plain scared.

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