Thursday, November 15, 2012

...and then I made a decision....

I think that we all want to do something big in our lives, that we all want there to be something to say when asked, "what's new?"  For a lot of my friends, it's "we've had a baby!" or "I got a new job!"  Something good.  Something big.  Something positive.  For me....I got nothing.  Yes, I have my family and I LOVE them dearly, but I needed something to look forward to.  Something to strive for.  Something to make me feel like I am being a productive member of society.  (I don't think my mornings of yelling at The View make me very productive, but it is work for society.)

Then I got an e-mail that one of my favorite teachers at the kid's school was diagnosed with breast cancer.  And I got mad.  Because it always seems that stuff like that, bad stuff, happens to good people.  And as I got angry, and as I got a little sad, too, I knew I had to do something to help.  Something to make a difference.  Something to "stride" for.

So, after a little discussion with my husband, I have registered to walk the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Chicago on June 1-2nd.  Me.  I am going to attempt to walk 26.2 miles.  You can walk up to 39.3, but lets be a little realistic, people.  And I am doing it for several reasons.

1.  Mrs. Sanford.  Because I selfishly want her to be around for Austin to be in her classroom next year.

2.  I need my "something" to motivate me.

3.  Because I bet there are people reading this who think I cannot do it.

But, I do need help.  Do you see that little link up on the right side that says Support Megan.  Click on it.  See how far I am in my fundraising.  Help me get a little further.  Help me to help mothers and fathers, grandmas and grandpas, and all the men and women who will get diagnosed with this disease this year.  Help me to help people who are fighting this battle already, and just need a little encouragement.  Help me with some encouragement, too! 

This will not be easy....but I think that my "something" will be fabulous!