Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gerber Stage 2 Apples and Cherries, Please....

That's right folks, I am moving right up that nutrition ladder and am at the same level as a 6 month old!!!  Let's all be glad that at least I can walk and I am NOT still in diapers....

But this week does mean that I get to switch to foods that are mushy, applesauce-like, and not of much more flavor than last week...but little by little, we will get there.  Tonight I had a 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese...and 2 hours later I AM STILL FULL!  Shut the front door, I know!

Also on the menu this week are insta-spuds (fortified with unflavored protein powder), the above mentioned Gerber Stage 2 fruits (which also include mangos, apples and blueberries, and peaches), a new protein shake that does not require pre-mix or the fridge to keep in my car (see the post about the bad hospital choices)....and I can bring back my beloved (honestly) Greek Yogurt.  I am going to try it with some cinnamon as recommended to me by a friend.....Oh my gosh...and I almost forgot!  I can have blended tuna or chicken salad!  (Insert gag or yum here, whichever you feel is more fitting.)

I am now down what I feel is an impressive 23 pounds since the day after Easter...12 of them in just the past week.....I was told that the first 50-60 would come off fast and then the real work will begin...and I will take those easy pounds any way I can!  If only we could choose the LOCATION that the fat comes tends to come off my upper half much faster than my lower half, much to the sadness of my husband....

I hope you all had an awesome weekend...and are looking forward to a great week!


  1. Mine has come off the top too! It is kinda comical to some degree! :)

  2. Nice job on the loss and congrats on moving up the food ladder---lol!

  3. I loved eating refried beans in the mushy stage. They tasted so good to me and have protein an fiber.

  4. You are certainly moving on up (re: food choices) and movin on down (on the scale!) Keep on going!

  5. You sound like you are doing so well! Wow, what a loss in one week! Great job! How is your pain now? gone?