Thursday, April 26, 2012

Call the government....I have a solution for the Gas Crisis...

Geesh...fellow could have warned me a bit more about this stage...

So, apparently, when you go in for surgery they use gas to help inflate your stomach to do the work, and at some point it's gotta come out, and there are really only 2 "ends" for that to happen.....and when it starts to happen, watch out!  I have been popping and fizzing all day like a great package of PopRocks....or perhaps one of the commercials you see where the scientist puts a Mento into a bottle of soda.....good time, good times....'s 10 Things Thursday!!!!

1.  Unflavored Protein Powder is just that....(Someone had asked and I don't remember who).  I added it to my strained and blended cream of chicken and mushroom soup tonight and could not tell a difference.

2.  There is a viral epidemic in my house...Abigail is winning with a fever of 102.8 and Austin is in second place with 101.7.  This could potentially ruin all weekend plans.

3.  While I a am struggling to get all my water in each day, I am enjoying the challenge!  At what stage did you add Crystal Lite back in?

4.  America's Next Top Model is a little piece of heaven for me on Wednesday nights.

5.  I am secretly REALLY irritated that Private Practice was moved to Tuesday nights.

6.  Since I had the surgery on Monday, I should be at goal weight in, like, two weeks, right?

7.  I like to pluck the white hairs from my husband's head...since he doesn't have many hairs to begin with this pisses him off but makes me laugh.

8.  If I could have one more baby,  I would.....

9.  Sugar Free Fudgsicles are just not the same.  No matter what the box says.

10.  Happy 2nd Birthday to my niece and nephew, Luke and Lauren!  I can't believe you are so big already!


  1. I am pissed about Private Practice too...I keep forgetting to watch it since I am not used to the new night.

  2. I put crystal lite back in as soon as I felt I could stomache it which was about day 3 for me....but as you probably gather..EVERY DOCTOR IS DIFFERENT. I agree about SF fudgsicles but try different brands---I have finally found one I like--but don't know the name only know the package picture...I will need to look that up because I am sure you will ask :P