Friday, April 27, 2012

Frustrated, Friggin' Hungry and Fistulas...

Ok, really...this post has nothing to do with fistulas except that I was looking for another F word and I like how Miranda Bailey on Grey's says "Fistulas."  I don't even really know what word means...

But, I can talk a LOT about the other two topics....

1.  Frustrated.  Day 5.  Pain should be gone, right?  Not.  I totally overdid this AM, and am feeling it big time, even after taking a close to three hour nap.  I am trying to hold off on taking my pain medicine until a little closer to bed so that I am not totally thrown off on sleep for the night.  But here are several reasons I am frustrated.

      A.  I made waffles this morning for Austin and wanted to eat them all.  And we are not talking just plain everyday waffles, but good Eggo Cinnamon Toast break-into-4-pieces-covered-in-Country-Crock waffles.

     2. I was at an appointment at the hospital when I realized I had not grabbed a second shake for the morning and thought surely it's a hospital, the cafeteria must have something that I can have, a protein shake, Boost, Ensure, something.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Big Zero on that.  The closest that I could find was a Naked brand protein shake that was filled with fruit, which I cannot add back in until week 4.  So, bad move on my part for not planning better, but bad move on the hospital's part.  Perhaps I will write them a letter.

   III.  My husband is now totally enjoying a bowl of Hamburger Helper (normally not my food group of choice), but our house smells like Italian heaven right now.  So, I am rummentating in self-pity and anger (but at least I am using an appropriate outlet, right?)

2.  Friggin' Hungry.   Today I am.  I am hungry.  Or at least my mind tells me so.  Physically, not so much, my stomach can handle about 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup at a time...but if I have to see one more add for Culver's and their made to order butterburgers, there could be a riot up in Mount Prospect....

Ok....that's all I needed to vent....down 2 more pounds today....that's 18 in total since I started the pre-op diet, 6 since Monday....not that I am checking the scale every day because that would be bad and I always follow my doctor's advice.   :)



  1. woohoo! You can do it! Tough it out! In a year this will just be a blip in the radar! :)

  2. Been there right with you! just go for a walk or go try on clothes that used to be too tight! Something that will make you say "EFF YOU HAMBURGER HELPER!" :) hang in there, those cravings/head hunger don't go away, but you'll get stronger as you see the weight coming off!

  3. Dude. you scared the crap out of me:

    Hospital cafeterias are stupid, worthless places, for SURE. Sorry you got stuck, that stinks:(

    and be patient with yourself, postop day five is really early for all pain to be gone.

    1. OOopppss....sorry. :) I will look for better F words next time....

  4. You can do it, Megan!! One day at a time. Keep up the great work - you amaze me! :o)

  5. oh comes bander hell! good luck...may be some white knuckling from now until first fill....make sure you are prepared!

  6. Hi I need advice my surgery is scheduled may 23 and ofcourse I have Aton of already committed plans for mem weekend. Do you think I should cancel will I feel Ike doing this??

    Sat drive to Ohio 3 hrs
    Attend kiddy party

    Sun drive to WestVir
    Attend family reunion
    Drive back to Ohio 3 hr drive with mom, his and BFF

    Mon drive back to mich from Ohio 3 hrs...

    Ofcourse I can't eat or drive but .....

    I'm so torn I hate hate hate to dissappoint people and cancel but I have to put myself first

    How were you days 4-6 ? Would you have been able to do this

  7. My husban will be doing all the driving he is so sweet this weekend h.e was staying back... But he vol to br my driver but has concerns it's too much to close. I told him I would reach out to you and the other Morgan at minimizing and get your thoughts...

    1. Hmmm....that's a tough call....I would say you can do it...but it probably won't be much 5 for me I went to a kids party and even though I pretty much sat on the side, I was tired and sore the whole time...I would be sure to make sure that you have a pillow that you can hold to your tummy area during the ride, the bumps are sometimes not fun...and my best guess is that if you ask your Dr., he/she would come back with a big No.

      And as for disappointing other people....right now it's ALL ABOUT YOU! Honestly...I would have LOVED to have been left alone the first week and just had a house to myself!

  8. Yea I think your right probably one of my biggest issues is telling people no. They called Monday and they were ready to schedule.... IT'S TI ME NOW.

    Like I am going to say..."well lets see I've got some eating feasts scheduled how about June?