Friday, August 9, 2013

Missing a dear friend...


I miss my friend, DC.  We used to hang out EVERY DAY.  Sometimes more than one a day.

When I got my band filled last week, DC took off.  Some supportive friend, huh?

I get it, though.  DC thought she would not be helpful for me anymore and might actually hinder my progress.  I had explained my relationship with DC to my surgeon, and even he suggested DC and I part ways.

I know I am going through withdrawal.  When you are SO close to someone and then *POOF* they are gone, it leaves a hole.

I drive by places we used to hang out and am sad.  I think about how involved DC was with my whole family and I am sad.  And to think DC is pretty much gone forever...that makes me sad.

So, here's my ode to you, DC.

You were loved
You were needed
You were there

RIP, Diet Coke.  See you on the flip side...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


There are danish in the break room right now.

My office is next to the break room.

They are calling me.  (Can you hear it?)

I have drunk my protein shake AND eaten Greek yogurt, but the danish are telling me that I am still hungry.

Make it go away!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just Want Some D*mn Chips!


The BBQ chips on my kitchen counter are going to be the death of me!  I know that most of you have been there:  you have food in your house that you don't eat but the family does.  And you use your willpower (insert Superman stance here) to stay away from it. 

Then you think, "Maybe I could just have one.  One will give me that taste in my mouth and then I will feel better."

So you have one.

And you think, "Hmmm....I think that one was short on the flavoring.  Maybe I should try just ONE more."

So you have one more.  And then one more.  And then 19 more.

You close the bag, wash your hands (as if licking your fingers would be going too far), and sulk.  You did it again.  Superman powers and all, you cheated on your own willpower.

Sigh....not that this happened or anything (read with sarcasm).  Just a random thought for the day.  ;)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Yogurt, Chicken, or Tuna

The doors are opening....

The world is expanding...

I am up to eating yogurt and chicken or tuna salad!  The choir rejoices!

Seriously...after just's so good to put something else in my stomach.  Little bits, and small bites, but so good!

Tonight we try meatballs and pasta sauce!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Loving my Liquids!

So, I am back to the liquid diet phase because I was just filled and the doctor's office has a pretty strict 7 day program after a fill.

Umm...liquid diet kinda sucks.

Not only am I hungry....and I mean I could eat my arm off hungry, I am having some not so pleasant side effects with the fill/liquids.  I am having to relearn the tricks from when I was first banded; drinking slow, stopping before I feel full, spacing my intake.  Because I have quickly learned what happens when I don't.  And when one is at work, has 14 appointments in 7 hours, it's pretty tricky to schedule in emergency bathroom breaks.

But, the upside, I got on the scale today and 5 pounds down already!  Now that's motivation!  Today I can add soft foods; I have a container of cottage cheese that I am dying to dive into, as well as some "tuna in a packet" to take to work in case I get hungry between meals.

What's your go-to soft phase food?  I am looking for some new ideas!