Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome to the Gun Show!!!!!


So, we have a lawn mower that is older than dirt, and the pull start on that thing fights back like a...like a word that I shouldn't type here but rhymes with witch and itch.

Tonight I had planned to go to the gym...didn't make it this morning after the DirectTV window of service time of 8AM to 12PM, but 3 kids running around the house like looney-toons made that next to impossible, so I decided to just mow our lawn and our neighbors, and that would be good for at least 4000 steps, and well over 30 minutes, but I would have to get Jim to start the darn thing.  He filled it with gas, checked the oil; I put on the gloves like a race-car driver, pulled the squeeze bar do-hickey, and jokingly pulled the yank chain once...

Nothing.  Surprise.

I stretched my arm a little, prepping it.

I pulled again, harder this time.

Shut. The. Front. Door.

It started!

Welcome to the Gun Show, everyone!  Check out these guns!

Maybe this surgery and exercise and taking care of myself thing is really working.  But don't tell anyone that I am admitting to that....


  1. Shhhh...it will be our little secret. If your hubs finds out how strong you are getting he is going to expect all kinds of things from you!

    It's amazing how much non-fried, non-sugared food and walking can do for you. I am amazed daily at what my body is really capable of.

  2. ummmm need a little help over here...had to have hubby start the mower for me this weekend!