Monday, May 28, 2012

To scale or not to scale

Ok...question of the day....week...month....

To scale, or not to scale?

I know some of you are disciplined enough to only step onto that dreaded piece of equipment once or twice a week, some of us might obsessively hop onto the scale, say, 3-4 times a day.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  And a body goes through a lot of weight changes during the day.  Up two pounds, down a pound a two thirds....enough to make a person mad....

I remember the day in high school gym class, the fat kids gym class, when I weighed in at 200 pounds.  I was horrified.  200 pounds.  And now I would kill to get back to that number.  And that's all that it is.  It's a number.  An abstract representation that I have given value to.  What I need to be looking at is other factors, like my blood pressure (which is a kicking 102/65, thank you) or my cholesterol (which I don't know yet).  I should focus on the comfort I have in my clothes, and moving down in sizes, the ease that I can move around, how it is easier to bend over and tie shoes, how I can go up and down stairs without being winded, how I can run and play tag with the kiddos without pretending to fall so I can take a break from running....

When I started this journey for me it was all about the numbers, and I am realizing that that might have been another one of my "stinkin' thinking' "moments. Does that make sense?  I just don't want to get all caught up in the "Oh, I only lost 1.5 pounds this week when I worked out 5 days out of the week."  I want to say "Holy cow, Megan, you worked out 5 days this week, and for 45 minutes to an hour each time....that's really healthy and you should be proud of yourself!  Your goal for next week should be to do the same and to bump up the resistance .5 on each piece of equipment."

So, with that being said...I am removing the weight loss ticker from the top of my page, and vowing to only weigh in once a week or when I go to the doctor for fills.  I know it will be hard....but what on this journey has been easy?

Eating Greek Yogurt has been easy....that stuff rocks.....


  1. I think that is a great idea Megan. Concentrate on yourself for awhile, be in tune with those feelings of how good it feels to walk out the gym! Finish your workout! Choose Greek yogurt over a snickers bar!

    I will only wiegh myself every Thursday once I get off liquids. I have a history of "maintaining" my body just does NOT want to give it up. My biggest fear is having this surgery, getting back to working out etc... And then same old Michelle... Up 2 lb. down 2 lb.

    I'm proud of you and right there behind you shortly.

  2. Your plan sounds good. I can't tell you how many times I have been on a high from working out and eating right. All proud of myself. Only to step on the scale, see a less than jaw dropping loss (-.2 lbs sux). And, then I allowed that to be my trigger for slacking in the food and exercise area. Stupid numbers. You are doing really well and I like the "head work" you are doing, too.

  3. Good luck girls! The relationship with the scale is different for every bandster! I remember when I first started I'd weigh all the time and change my ticker. It was like a crazy roller coaster. Now, I'm still a member of the scale whore society, but I only weigh one time a day (morning, after pee and naked). I only change the ticker on Wednesdays for my "official weigh in day." That "official" day has changed about 3 times, because I was struggling with weighing in then having a free day or two, then getting back on track just in time to lose some weight for my weigh in. Keep playing with your scale withe the fickle scale and you will find what works for you. I think I'll always weigh one time a day, because it keeps me accountable. :)

  4. I think your plan sounds good. I know I need the accountability of a weekly weigh in so that I know if it got out of hand that week. I can't do daily weigh ins cause that will cause stress!