Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take that...hated gym of mine

I actually have about 5 title I am going to share them all...

Know what I can do with 6 Chocolate Oreos?
The Machine that almost killed me
The Scale that Lies

Ok...that was three...but I swear that as I was huffing and puffing and blowing that house down away this morning on the elliptical that I had more in my head.

First of...Yea me!  It's my one month Bandaversary!  HAPPY DANCE!  HAPPY DANCE!  And I celebrated with my first trip to the park district fitness center.  And my two of my worst fears came true.

1.  I got on a machine that I really had no clue what I was gonna do with and it kicked my arse after 5, ok 3 minutes.  It was some Precore AMT machine of Death.  I am POSITIVE that it what it was called.

See....Machine of Death....ok...really....this is it...and it turns out my dumbarse was using it wrong and didn't ask anyone for help....

The AMT Adaptive Motion Trainer allows you to  go from short to long strides, walking to running, and climbing to lunging smoothly, easily, and spontaneously. An AMT for your home.

So, I settled with the standard elliptical for 20 minutes and 15 minutes of treadmill.  Not bad for someone who hasn't worked out in eleventy billion years.  Maybe it will make-up for the 6 Chocolate Oreo cookies that might have been consumed in a moment of angst last night.  (might means that I cannot confirm or deny where the cookies went from the container.  It could have been the one-eyed dog).

2.  My second fear that came true.  People talked to me.  Umm....hello.  I have ear-buds in.  Can you not see that?  Do I look like a person who wants to start up a conversation?  I even have a hat on!  Leave me alone.  And it was like a common thing.  Everyone was talking to everyone, whether they knew them or not...about the weather, about the fact they didn't want to come work out, about their jeans being too tight. It was like they were trying to motivate each other!  I know...go ahead and shudder...I did.  Sigh.

I did, however, reach over 6000 steps before 10AM and since my daily goal is 10,000, I am good to go...I have a few errands to run, and then some Revenge to watch...and my Daisy Scout book should be here and then the REAL planning fun for next year starts!  I also need to update my Nano playlist a little more because while I am all about Sarah McLaughlin....something about Building a Mystery while you are on an elliptical just doesn't if I was listening to Building a Mountain....(shout out to my V-Show friends who get that) 


  1. You are so frickin funny!!! I promise if and when I ever get to the gym I will NOT talk to anyone in honor of you. Keep up the great work!!! I'd quote "Build a Mountain" for you but the only words I can remember are "watermelon, watermen" ;). Happy Bandaversary!

  2. Yay for facing your fears!!!! :)
    I'm voting for the one eyed dog as the cookie thief ;)

  3. I swear to you that I jumped on that same exact machine one of my first times at the gym and I couldn't get the pedals to move!!!! I just jumped off that thing like it was broken and got on a different machine ... then some ass just jumped on it and went to town. I was really embarassed. But hey whatevs! Ha!! I can't believe it's already been a month! Congrats!!

  4. Happy Bandaversary!! No more blaming missing food on the dog or I will call your Dr.! I ain't afraid of you...yet... You keep working out and get all buff and 5h1t I might have to worry. But for now leave to poor dog alone. òP (get it the 1 eyed dog with its tongue out)

  5. I can't have oreos in the house.....they are my evil!

  6. Yeah yeah! From a little hilll!! Yeah yeah!!! :)

  7. Stick with the gym, you will get your own routine down.