Saturday, May 26, 2012 I missed it...'s Saturday and I missed Ten Things Thursday?  What is this you say?  I should write it on another day?  Ok!

1.  I reached the 15,000 step goal yesterday!  Can I get a woot-woot!  Here is proof!

2.  My weight was actually up 2lbs this morning causing a stream of words the FDC will not allow me to post here.  I know, mind over matter, muscle weighs more than fat, eating nutella is not helping with wieght loss, etc, etc.....really....that I need to give my body a few days to figure out to do wit all this exercise before it starts to drop the weights...

3.  Say cheese!  Today (Saturday morning) we are taking Lilli, Abbi, and Austin for their, 6th,5th, and 3rd birthday pictures (respectively).  That's a workout in itself!  Proofs to be posted later!

4.  I bought a new scale, and I don't like that it's 9 pounds more accurate than the old one, but it matches what the doctor's office says.  How do you do it?  What number do you go by, your home scale or your doctor's office?

5.  The "F" word has slowly and regularly creaped into my vocabulary, and it needs to stop!  Maybe I should try a bar of soap.  Do they still make bars of soap?

6.  My hubby and I are going to Nags Head, NC at the end of July, and we are going for massages together!   He is going to get a back massage, and I am getting a 35 minute foot massage followed by a pedicure!  HEAVEN!

7.  I had "taco in a bowl" last night and it was really good....a little beans, a little meat, a little cheese, a little avacado...makes me feel like I was eating at the level of a 2 year old instead of a 9 month old...moving up in the world!

8.  This week's homework for my therapist included making a new playlist for my nano with some happier music and letting her know why I kept the songs that I did and it was one the best exercises ever.  To sit down and really think about why I was drawn to a song, about what ceratin lyrics really meant to was really cool.  If you are a music person, try it...

9.  I still miss my McDouble.  Every. Day.

10.  I am now officially a size 22/24 and that makes just about everything better.  The End. 


  1. Nothing wrong with the f-word I use atleast one every day

  2. Mmmmmmm, I please double cheeseburgers from McDonalds too!!! I haven't had one in 7 months....but my payoff for staying away from them is oh so sweet!

  3. I miss sweets! I for the most part gave them up. I cheat occasionally :) I know how you feel! However, the reward of being comfortable in my skin is well worth it!

  4. So I heard there has been quite the buzz about the fitbit. Gotta say probibly one of the most loved mother's day gifts yet. When she thought she had lost it this morning she practically shed a tear. I have not seen her more motivated to be active in years. I was worried its newness would wear off but her reaction today tells me the exact opposite has happened. If my memory serves me right she has hit her 10k step goal every day. All I can say is KEEP ON ROCKIN' IT GIRL! You are doing awsome, I'm so super proud you!

    1. newness wear off? I just received the invitation to try for 20,000 steps in one day....CHALLENGE!!!!

  5. wow hero...still on 11000-12000 steps I find it weird to log my sleep it says I wake up 6 times a night..I had no idea?