Thursday, October 4, 2012

On my honor....

OK, so raise your hand if you were a Girl Scout/Boy Scout...go ahead, don't be shy!  I was in Brownies and Junior Scouts when I was younger, and really wanted my girls to have those same guess who signed up to be the Daisy leader...that's right...yours truly!

So last night was our first meeting....eight 1st graders and me.  8 little balls of energy and short attention spans and giggles and somersaults.  Let's just say that after the hour long meeting, I want to give all teachers a raise.  I quickly figured out that the best way to do "crowd control" is to keep things moving quickly, give short specific directions, and arts and crafts with busy hands makes for quiet mouths!!!!

But what I enjoyed the most was their eagerness to learn, the smiles on their faces as they learned new songs and finger plays, and how when we all stood in the friendship circle and did the Girl Scout hand squeeze, they closed their eyes and made was so sweet.


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  1. sounds like herding cats! lol! but it must have been cute to see the friendship circle!