Friday, September 28, 2012

35 things I love....

Since today I am 35 (hurray!) I thought I would post 35 things I no particular order....

1. My Husband
2. Lilli
3. Abbi
4. Austin
5. My family
6. Mia, my dog
7. God (should I have listed him earlier?)
8. Cupcakes
9. Walking on a chilly, sunny day
10. Microfleece blankets
11. My job at Torrid
12. My new black biker boots...they make me look "bad-ass"
13. Snuggling with the kids (the exception is when it is at 2AM)
14. Singing Christmas songs...all year round
15. Dark Chocolate
16. Milk Chocolate
17. Diet Coke
18. The Brookfield Zoo
19. Make A Messterpiece
20. Candles that smell like Apple Pies
21. Apple Pies themselves...especially if they have that crumbly topping
22. McDouble
23. A clean house...better if I don't have to clean it
24. Daisy Scouts
25. Beans, the cat
26. Diet bears repeating
27. Patrick Dempsey
28. Glee
29. 50 Shades of Grey....come know you love it, too
30. My Nook
31. My lap band
32. Crab Legs
33. Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits
34. My Blog
35. least I am working on it....


  1. Happy birthday! We are birthday buddies - I'm 34 today! I hope your day was great!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I hope it was a great day for your list of 35 loves!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  4. Happy Birthday and nice to meet you! I will also be 35 in March and I also live near Brookfield zoo so I had to write to you. Great blog, thank you! Mine is:

    Good luck =)