Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"No Fill For You, Six Week!"

Dr. R ~ You are right on target for weight loss...
Me ~ That's great.  I thought I should be a little higher in weight loss.
Dr. R ~ Nope.  You lost a lot right a way, and 6 pounds the second month without restriction is really good.  How are you doing with solid foods?
Me ~ Umm....uh....well....do you consider the curds of cottage cheese solids?
Dr. R ~  You have to start eating solid foods.  Like fruits and vegetables and non-shredded meats to teach your stomach to re-process those foods again.  How often are you working out?
Me ~ 5-6 days a week.
Dr. R ~  Then you are not getting a fill today.  You are on track and with you just eating soft foods, you don't need a fill.  Come back in six weeks, eating solid foods, and we will see how your progress is going then.

UGGGGGGGGGG.......  this was after waiting over an hour for the appointment...so I had a small salad for dinner and my stomach aches as it is digesting it.  I played a little "Just Dance 3" and walked around Wal*Mart to aid in digestion...but I am so frustrated...I am personally not happy with the 6 pounds in a month...and yes, yes, yes, I know....6 pounds off is better than 6 pounds on and it took me longer than a month to put it on than it is going to take to off and 1 pound at a time (feel free to add your own here)....but I would like them all gone now...or at least by the time I wake up tomorrow....Thanks...

PS....Just Dance 3 and all it's counterparts....ADDICTING....where were these when I was a thespian in high school?  Cast parties with the ABBA version would have been THAT much better...


  1. I hear you on the Just Dance thing.... I have all 3... and play my own music and dance with it when I get bored of the choices. I was also a thespian in high school, I went to school with Tina Fey and we were in Summer Stage together. The Governor is trying to take away the arts programs I took part in while in school and we are all fighting for it. Luckily Tina is a big help with that... Fingers Crossed.

  2. Wow, you have been on soft and mushies all this time? I understand about wanting all the weight gone now because we all do but it will come off. They do need to know you can eat solids at this level before tightening you up a bit. Get some dry crackers to make your mushies a bit crunchier and add them gradually. Work up to proper meals over a 2 week period.

  3. doh! you got schooled! Just kidding, thats tough, I know you were hoping for a fill. Take what you can and apply it. I must try this just dance but I have no coordination

  4. Awe man, sorry about the fill thing...I know it's frustrating but the Dr. knows what he's doing...I get the whole "we need to know your body can handle solid food before we go filling you up" thing. You can do it! :)

  5. I just left my doc, and was a smidge sad as well. I say :-p I love Just Dance. Its been collecting dust for a bit, but I do believe I might be pulling it back out again!

  6. Evil surgeon. :( that sux

    A fill should be given if you are hungry. NOT whether you are losing fast/slow/exercising.

  7. Congrats on losing 6 lbs! Slow and steady wins the race :) 6 lbs will be 15 and then 25, and so on....it will be awesome! btw, what is a "fill"?

  8. Thanks alll.... A fill.... it's how they can help me control my weight loss and hunger...the band that was put around my stomach can be filled with saline solution to make it tighter so that less food easily passes food, thus making the little pouch that is created above your stomach feel full for longer, I have a little port that is just below my ribs that they use a needle to fill...

    And to be fair to dr....I have not be tons of hungry....I don't eat between meals on a regular basis and it's been hard to get 6 small meals in...usually getting 3-4 small meals of soft foods....and he said meals of cottage cheese don't count....it's funny how to varies from one to the other...new blog coming soon on the first three attempts at salads and their impact on my gastro-system...