Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gonna sound like Charlotte here...but....

I am off to find myself a meeting.... (you would get this if you watch Private Practice)

The center that where I got my surgery done does monthly meetings for us bandsters to...well...I am not really sure what they are for since this will be my first one...but I really like the group leader so I figure that it can't be that bad right?  Do any of you have groups like this that you use?  I have read other bloggers who use OA meetings as support....After's a stop at the gym, then maybe some more Just Dance on the Wii with the kids...I honestly tried to upload it....but the only one I could get to work on You Tube was a 52 second clip that doesn't show a whole lot....and I can't get that to if you really want to see it....go here

Anyway.....I will write again later and let you all know how the meeting went....that is...if there isn't same pagan initiation ceremony and they allow me to come back in one piece.

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  1. I go to my wls centers support group. I can only make it once a month when its on Saturdays. I really like them...they usually have a recipe they share and then there may be a speaker(had a plastic surgeon, yoga instructor, psychiatrist...) and then everyone shares something about themselves from last meeting. I find it inspiring. I also belong to a Facebook group with them all so its pretty cool and private.