Monday, June 11, 2012

Eating SUCKS

Yeah, that really came out of my mouth....eating right now sucks....

Since my doctor told my husband and I that I need to be on more solid stomach has NOT been please with that any of this, and, to be fully honest, the gas is KILLING I am looking to my "older" bandsters for helpful tips and tricks....what helped you out...what solid foods do you like the most that cause the least problems....especially vegetables and whole grains?


  1. I stick to a lot of proteins. I like canned chicken with a bit of plain yogurt and add some apples or raisins and nuts. I also like refried or black beans and cheese. Eggsalad with peppers, onions. I also love fish..tilapia(costco has this encrusted lime tilapia which is yummy and only 140 calories) or lox and salmon. I can't eat a lot right now so my biggest bang for my buck is protein. Oh I also loved edamame...remember eating a ton of that.

  2. tuna salad, chicken salad were my favorites - especially made with yogurt. Smoothies and soups (even chunkier soups) were amazing. Lots of steamed fish and overly cooked veggies but less of those because of the gas. Hang in there and just keep walking!!