Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just Want Some D*mn Chips!


The BBQ chips on my kitchen counter are going to be the death of me!  I know that most of you have been there:  you have food in your house that you don't eat but the family does.  And you use your willpower (insert Superman stance here) to stay away from it. 

Then you think, "Maybe I could just have one.  One will give me that taste in my mouth and then I will feel better."

So you have one.

And you think, "Hmmm....I think that one was short on the flavoring.  Maybe I should try just ONE more."

So you have one more.  And then one more.  And then 19 more.

You close the bag, wash your hands (as if licking your fingers would be going too far), and sulk.  You did it again.  Superman powers and all, you cheated on your own willpower.

Sigh....not that this happened or anything (read with sarcasm).  Just a random thought for the day.  ;)


  1. Get that shiz out of the house girl! It's hard to have willpower when it's staring at you!! Your family will get over not having chips :)

    I had a tough day too. Ate too damn much! Just going to stick to liquids tomorrow for breakfast and lunch to hopefully make up for it!

  2. Welcome to my world! For me it's Nacho Cheese Doritos, if they would just go out of business I would loose like 20 lbs!! I like your new page by the way, keep it up!!