Friday, April 26, 2013

Walking Buddy

My view....
Finally!  The weather in the Chicagoland area is BEA-U-TIFUL today!  Mia, my bulmastif, and I went on a nice long walk.  I certainly needed it, after sitting on my arse for days on end watching Law and Order: SVU via Netflix.  Mia certainly needed it; by the end of the walk she was lagging behind me and exhausted.  (She has since reclaimed her position on my bed.)  Baby steps, right?  Day by day....reclaiming my life and working to reach my goals!


  1. awesome! My dog is all gung ho when we start and I all but have to drag him home!

  2. Time to blow the dust off that Fitbit and get to steppin'!

  3. Walks in the sunshine rock. Glad you got to enjoy it.