Sunday, May 29, 2011

For the love of...

Pizza....tonight my topic is my love of pizza.  The warm, buttery, crispy crust as it burst with flavor into a million little pieces in my mouth...the strong, smooth, and spicy tomato-basil sauce as it flows over my tongue, and the gooey, greasy, stringy cheese that begs to be slurped like a noodle.  Love it.  Love it all.

Tonight, amidst the storms that raged across Chicagoland, I picked up some Lou Malnati's, worlds best pizza.  EVER.  (they ship for people who want to try it themselves).  I took dinner to my parent's house as a substitution for the BBQ that we were supposed to have, and was giddy as a fat kid who was handed a whole chocolate cake and a fork.  But the moment I started to eat it, I got FGG.  I know most of you have had it at some time, no?  FGG?  Fat Girl Guilt?  That little voice that say "Everyone is looking at you, Megan.  Everyone is watching you eat that and thinking how gross it is."  Was anyone actually saying that?  Hell, no!  But that didn't stop me from feeling it, hence I stopped eating.  I waited until I got home, and consumed probably double what I would have if I had just eaten there....FGG sucks...

I haven't told my family about Lap Band yet...since I am still in the beginning stages and have at least 6 months to go, I figure I have a little time...When did you tell your family?  How did they react?

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  1. FWIW, I am usually looking at skinny girls eating something like Lou's and thinking, "How? How the f@^& do you eat that and look like that?"