Friday, May 27, 2011

And there goes my Friend

Today I said good-bye to a good friend.  I cannot even remember when our relationship started, maybe college?  We were buddies, we were pals.  He was there when no one else one.  He popped up every where, and always knew how to cool me off.

Yes, I said good-bye to Mr. Diet Cook.  (Sobbing a little).  My surgeon told me it was time, and I finally bit the bullet and did it.  Ugg...can we talk about the emotional withdrawal?  I know, one would think the caffeine headache would be the main focus, but it is the comfort of that silver and red label.  My friend, what I did with my hands when I was nervous.  I get that it's all about learning new habits, but this one is going to be TOUGH!

On another note, I spoke with the hospital today and we are starting to set up all my appointments.  Maria told me that if I was able to get an appointment with a nutritionalist in the next two weeks that I could still get this done this year.  (I have BCBS of Illinois which requires a 6 month diet, grrr).  But, 6 months, that's not long at all....and what a way to start 2012!!!!

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